Promises, Promises


Recently in my post called “This Weekend’s Obsession”, I gave a shout out to a foster parent’s blog that I became unnaturally obsessed with follow because I think she’s pretty fab.  If you haven’t checked it out yet, for shame!  You’ll find the link  under “Blogs I Follow”, but I’ll make it even easier and put it right here. Well now I’m here to give you another reason to go and check her out.

Rebecca is an amazing foster mom, and she has made a lifelong commitment to the little girl named Jacket that she has fostered. Some of you might not think it so amazing that she’s made a lifelong commitment to Blanket, after all, that should be the intention of a dedicated foster parent, right?   Well for those not familiar with her story, Jacket has been returned to her family, which would be a good thing, if  they were ready to have her back.  Sadly, that’s not the case, and despite saying they want to maintain the relationship Rebecca and Blanket have,  they sometimes make it virtually impossible for her to support Blanket in any capacity.   Which is equally sad because Rebecca is the only sense of stability and normalcy this child has in her life.

Okay, okay, before I launch into another you-have-to-check-out-this-blog post (not that it would be a bad thing if I did, because you REALLY do have to check it out), lemme get back to the reason for this post.  Rebecca is back at her fab blogger highjinks and has come up with a wonderfully creative plan to raise money for a college fund for Jacket.  It’s completely legit (she’s got a lawyer backing her in case she decides to do a complete role reversal and become a wanton criminal), and the best part?  There’s no commitment from you, and no need to send your hard earned cash to two total strangers.  So how does it work you ask?  You shop and they earn.  They’ve set up an account through Upromise .  There are literally thousands of online retailers, restaurants, grocery and drug stores partnering with Upromise.  It’s free to join, and it’s a wonderful cause.

Rebecca has asked her readers to reblog her post in the hopes of getting Jacket’s fund as much exposure as possible.  So here I am reblogging, and asking you to do the same.   I’m also asking you to  remember to log on to Upromise the next time you go shopping.  From your perspective, it’s nothing more than clicking on a link before you shop.  But to a little girl, it could mean a promise of a better life.  Hmmmm….now what do I need to buy…????


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