14th Annual “A Home for the Holidays” Special


I’m going to be tuning into this tomorrow night, and I thought I’d just mention it here. I have seen a few of the previous years of this special online, and there is no shortage of heartwrenching and heartwarming moments centered around Foster Care. A lot of the information is US based, but the message is universal. Every child deserves a home for the holidays. Every child deserves a home forever.

Photo taken by Caruba.

Photo taken by Caruba.

***This news item is courtesy of the Dave Thomas Foundation for Adoption***

On Wednesday, CBS will air the 14th annual “A Home for the Holidays.” This powerful special shares stories of foster care adoption and features performances from some of America’s top musical talent. We at the Dave Thomas Foundation for Adoption are proud to be a part of this event since 1999 with our partners, Wendy’s, CBS, Triage Entertainment, Goldsmith Entertainment, and the Children’s Action Network.

This year, the stories of four exceptional families who have been touched by adoption will be featured along with a segment that gives a voice to children in foster care still waiting to find permanent and loving homes to call their own.

These inspirational stories will be accompanied by performances by Rascal Flatts, Phillip Phillips, Rachel Crow, Matchbox Twenty, and Melissa Ethridge. Celebrity personalities Kevin Frazier, Wayne Brady, Jillian Michaels and Julie Chen also will present.

During the show, talk with the Dave Thomas Foundation for Adoption on Twitter about foster care adoption by using the hashtag #AHFTH. We’ll be around during the show to answer any questions you have about adoption from foster care and to discuss the special.

Join us Dec. 19 at 8 p.m. ET to see the joy of having a family through the eyes of a child — not just for the holidays, but forever.


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